Ex. 15. a) Read point 3 above carefully.

b) Write I wish sentences for the following situations.

g) Some time ago I was offered a newjobbut I failed (he interview. h) 1 failed the interview because my computer skills were poor. i) I didn't pass the language test ei­ther.

a) I live in the suburbs.

b) 1 have a small flat.

c) I have an old car.

d) My parents do not undersLand me.

e) I've got a boring job.

f) I have no time to sec my friends.

Ex. 16. Write these sentences using / wish instead of It's a pity. Make all the necessary changes as in the Example. Example; It's a pity I'm so busy today. I wish I were not so busy lodav. 1. It's a pity I have no one to advise me what to do. 2. It's a pity he doesn't know how to handle people. 3. It's a pity we have to put olTthe meeting. 4. It's a pity yon don't know English well enough. 5. It's a pity he speaks in public badly. 6. It's a pity ihe company is not well-staffed, Ex. 17. Write these sentences using I wish instead of I regret or i'm sorry. Make all the necessary changes as in the Example. Example: I'm sorry I wasn't at the concert last night. I wish I had been at the concert last nighi, 5. I regret Ididn'tspeakat the meet­ ing. 6. I'm sorry I didn't support the pro-

1. I regret I ever suggested this idea.

2. I regret I mentioned the subject.

3. I'm sorry 1 didn't send the letter

earlier. posal.

4. I'm sorry I didn't make Ihe nec­
essary arrangements-

Ex. IS. Practise these words and word combinations.

minutes Answer the questions:

1) Is it a most demanding task to produce the minutes of a meeting?

2) Do minutes provide a source of reference? Do they ensure thai decisions
are not "misinterpreted", "overlooked" or "misiemernbercd" when the
occasion suits?

3) Why should people who take the minutes be particularly accurate?

4) Have you ever kept (taken, written) the minutes of a meeting?

5) What goes on record in the minutes of a meeting?

Agenda Supply prepositions where necessary. Comment on 4).

1) "We have three questions ... the agenda," the chairman announced.

2) Are there any additions or amendments,,, the proposed agenda?

3) Let's move on to the last item ... the agenda.

4) Careful thought must be given to the position of an item of business... an

Unit 5

I. Business Communication

5) Lei's include one more item ... our agenda.

6) As a rule, "Any Other Business" (AOB) appears as the final item ... the

7) Could you draw ... an agenda?

to raise, to rise

Fill in the blanks with one of the above verbs.

1) A lot of questions... at the meeting.

2) Prices... lately,

3) The government's policy is aimed to... the living standards of the popula­

4) Who ... that question?

5) Industrial production ... for the last 6 months.